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Was macht eine Taschenlampe sicher?

Peli™ Lights are safety and quality certified by independent safety organizations from around the World. There are some special features that make our torches safe:



Their bodies of ABS Resin, Xenoy®, CNC-machined aluminium, and other special materials, make them extremely resistant to shock, drops, chemicals and other extreme conditions. You can tell it’s a Peli Light by its faceted body.

Battery polarity tray

Battery polarity tray

Battery polarity tray makes operating the light impossible if one or more cells are inverted. Available on selected models, this feature safeguards against dangerous “outgassing” from an accidentally reversed cell.
Umbrella valve

Umbrella valve

Some models include an 'umbrella valve' that allows the pressure inside to escape while preventing water from entering.
Gas- Absorbing Pellets

Gas-Absorbing Pellets

Gas-Absorbing Pellets in lamp modules are a back-up systems that absorbs excess hydrogen retained inside the light, preventing the risk of an explosion. No gas. No spark.
Battery polarity tray

Lithium battery warning

Lithium batteries can explode, leak or cause burns if not handled appropriately. For safe handling please observe the following rules of thumb:

  • Replace all cells at the same time
  • Do not open batteries
  • Do not dispose of in fire
  • Do not heat above 75°C (167°F)
  • Do not expose contents to water
  • Do not recharge
  • Do not put in backwards
  • Do not mix with used or other battery types/brands

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